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HiPER Scientific Calculator Android Apps Apk Download


HiPER Scientific Calculator Apk

HiPER Scientific Calculator is a well-known calculator with high user evaluations and fast growing downloads.

It finds repeating decimals, amounts converted to them or could be entered additionally as fractions.

Professional variant gets the expression style at which it is possible to write expressions in a way that is natural and see that which you’re computing.

A calculator has several layouts suited to various display sizes:

– pocket view for apparatus that are little

– streamlined view for smartphones (in portrait and landscape orientation)

– enlarged view for tablet computers

Multi-line screen may be turned on on tablet computers to get the preceding results also to reveal the whole history of computations.

Users can select from several high-quality topics.

– fundamental arithmetic operations including percent, modulo, negation

– improper and mixed fractions

– regular amounts as well as their conversion to fractions

– an infinite amount of braces

Operator precedence that is

– operations that are replicated

– complex number operation like arbitrary numbers, combinations, permutations, the common best divisor

– powers, roots, logarithms

– engineering and scientific screen format, fixed point

– screen exponent as SI units prefix

– memory operations memories that are drawn-out

Result history that is

– binary, hexadecimal and octal numeral systems

– rotations and bitwise shifts

– more than 90 constants that are physical

The calculator has many settings to handle full-screen mode, decimal and thousand separators, etc.

All attributes are described in a builtin help.

If you located the calculator useful, please consider updating to HiPER Calc Pro. Purchasing this you get these added functions and will support further development:

– important and exponent preciseness settings (individually for portrait and landscape in streamlined view as well as for enlarged view)

– more motifs

Needs Android: 4.0 and upwards

By: HiPER Development Studio

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