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Keep My Notes Apk

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Easy & simple Wordpad you could use to instantly make notes, as a personal notebook or as a notes diary.


* Offline laptop you could utilize to write on each of the notes research and to recall notes with no need for internet connection.

It’s possible for you to lock all of your notes that are private using a password.

* Notepad with alarms. It’s possible for you to place alarm note reminders for the things to do and the reminder alarms may be repeated weekly, daily, monthly or annual.

* Lock laptops separately with each laptop that is private having its own password.

* it is possible to make notes with attachments that are pics.

* Fix the text font color useful for diary or note taking.

* your diary with other programs or Exchange your research notes & all the notes which you take.

* Spell check text of diary and your notebook.

* Light black subject and topic. Select the topic you’re most comfortable with when typing laptops.

* Offline backup and restore of all the notes & your research notes which you take.

* Lite WordPad loads fast and program that opens.

* may be used in landscape style for Android tablet computers and portrait style for android mobiles.

* Free note taking WordPad program & for Android tablet computers and Android mobiles. Download it for no cost.

Present Version: 0.72

By: LiteWhite

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