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Natural Scientific Calculator APK

Rove to browse. Forget buttons

Natural Scientific Calculator uses Rove to enable you should edit. Contrary to other calculators which make you mash a cursor to move, our program lets you just swipe on the computer keyboard to where you need to get. You can even pinch to zoom and get a summary of complicated equations.

Other programs make equations are entered by you on one line like something from the 1970s. Our Natural Input Signal solves this difficulty by letting you enter equations as you’d write them using exponents, roots, fractions and much more. It’s called a “ screen” that is natural and is a standard attribute on scientific calculators such as the Casio fx-82 or TI 30XB, and we’ve eventually brought it over!

Rather than having to type out equations that are long over and over, only favorite them and recover them using one tap. Ensured to increase your workflow tremendously.

Handle issues collectively

Two heads are better than one. Send your equations to classmates, friends or coworkers to refine your strategy to an issue that is difficult.

Purposeful and refined Material Layout

A calculator program doesn’t be dull and bland. Let lively colors and the subtle cartoons direct you get through the most difficult of issues. If you’ve bought the Productivity Pack, choose from a number of wonderful subjects including our battery- “Starless Night” topic saving.

Fractions, surds, and exponents

Mistaken when your equation resembles this? So we’ve made constructions like fractions exhibit as it does on paper, we’re also.


For the last eight months, our team has worked night as well as day to execute new characteristics and upgrades – we’re not likely to quit anytime soon. Support us by making us the review, an evaluation or by buying the Productivity Pack.

Completely featured functionality that was scientific

  • Miscellaneous and improper fractions
  • Preciseness to 2,048 decimal places (non-trigonometric/roots)
  • Programmable origins, logarithms

Because we’d be flagged for spamming this description • And several more we can’t list!

We want your help

Please touch base with us if you’re able to help us interpret! You’ll for lending a helping hand, be featured in our program.

Needs Android: 4.0.3 and upward

By: Stultus Studios

Offers in-program purchases

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