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One++ Calculator Android Apps Apk Download


One++ Calculator APK

One Calculator could function as the very best improvement for the favourite calculator app and is a formulary that is digital!

PhoneArena.com writes about this calculator: One is the flagship killer calculator app of Android”

Main functions:

. Five groups: Everyday, math, converter, physics und economy

. 5 Material topics: dark, light, black and translucent, gray

. Seven menu layouts: Icons, Pattern, Tiles, Simplistic, Simplistic Cards, Simplistic Icons, Simplistic Tiles

. 15 list cartoons

. voice output signal ( in case your device support’s it) for calculations by clicking on it

. Action menu: you’ll be able to create shortcuts for your favorite apps to possess quick access to them. New particle system: Let it snow?

. Lots of settings

This might be the fastest method of calculating!

It’s very simple:

Give a variable to him and whatever you want to know is calculated by One.

Example 1: Enter the side length of a cuboid and this calculator tells you the volume, the surface area, the angled span and some more.

Example 2: Enter a valid array of numbers and One Calculator will let you know the primes, twin-primes or something else you need to know in this range.

One is not simply another calculator program! It’s the greatest addition to your favourite calculator program and your company for fast caltulations in nearly every situation!

You’ll be impressed simple math, physics or economics may be!

Happy calculating! ?

Size : 1.1M

Needs Android : 4.0.3 and up

Offered By: Sascha Haubold

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