Download Google Play Store For BlackBerry

Download Google Play Store For BlackBerry

Play Store is pre-installed as one of the main programs on all modern, officially authorized Android handsets and tablets. However, other brands, like BlackBerry and Kindle Fire, have very specific markets. As a result, they never give room for the Play Store to be installed on their devices and instead build them to accept app and content downloads from their own official marketplaces. So in this blog post we will talk about How to Download Google Play Store For BlackBerry in simple and easy way.

Can you download Play Store on BlackBerry?

It used to be difficult to install a fully functional copy of the official Google Play Store on a BlackBerry. However, it is now feasible, and I’ll explain how in this piece.

This program has been changed or patched, as stated. It isn’t guaranteed to function and doesn’t have any kind of warranty.

Please read the entire tutorial to the end to make sure you have all the information you need to successfully install a working Play Store app on your BlackBerry smartphone.

How to install Play Store for BlackBerry

You will need to do a few actions in order to utilize all the great capabilities of Play Store on your Blackberry (features detailed in the next section). Having Play Shop on BlackBerry smartphones is not officially permitted since they have their own “BB World” and a separate store from which to acquire their apps. However, there is a way to get past this limitation and have instant access to the Play Store.

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To begin going, you must first download three files to your Blackberry smartphone, install them, then execute them in the proper sequence (given in the next section).

These are the files:

  • cobalt. blackberry. Google I
  • “com. android. vending”
    To utilize the Play Store on your BlackBerry, you must have a Google account, thus While you wait for the files to download, go create a Gmail account if you don’t already have one.

Installing and running Play Store files on BlackBerry

Lets start with simple and easy steps for downloading and install play store in blackberry

Add a Google system account to your device

Make sure your device has a Google system account first. Installing the first file, “ GSF.login,” does this. Run the file after installation and log in using your Google credentials. If the process is successfully finished, the program will shut down automatically. Your Google account should now appear as a “Third Party Account” in the “Accounts” section of your Blackberry settings.

Register your device with Google Play

The second step is to Google Play-register your smartphone. Installing the second file, “cobalt. blackberry. google id,” will do this. Run the file after that to add your smartphone to Google Play. After registering successfully, exit the app.

Install Google Play Store

Third, install Google Play Store by adding “” as the final file. Run the app after that to enjoy Google Play Store!

Please take note that ALL 3 files MUST stay on your device. Google Play Store won’t work anymore if you delete even one of them.

Play Store features to enjoy on your BlackBerry

It’s time to make use of all the special features of this great app and content market now that the Play Store has been installed. Literally, millions of your favorite applications, games, movies, songs, e-books, and other media are available. You may take use of the useful user interface, which makes finding and downloading digital stuff simple.

The shop is arranged such that you may filter your search and save a tonne of time and work. You may go through the Top Charts, New Releases, Editor’s Choice, and Special Offer to see if you can find any purchased applications that are discounted or even free!

The Play Store’s following features are also accessible from your BlackBerry:

  • Receive alerts for new app updates
  • Review and rate the downloaded applications.
  • supports several languages (any language that is supported by Google)
  • Organize the history of your app downloads (view, edit, clear, etc.)
  • Put applications on your wishlist to download later.

Additionally, you may automatically download and install game data (OBB files) without having to manually copy anything. Whether they are free or paid for, downloaded APK files (Android app files) are kept in the device/downloads folder.

Direct purchases of applications, books, music, and movies are possible. You won’t incur any further fees if you uninstall a paid program and then reinstall it with the same Google account. For the purpose of purchasing premium applications, content, and in-app purchases, you may use a credit card, prepaid card, PayPal, Google Gift Cards, etc.

You may subscribe to your preferred podcast, magazine, or periodical through the Play

Store since paid subscriptions (monthly, annual, or other) are also supported.


while Play Store is pre-installed on most Android devices, BlackBerry smartphones have their own app marketplace called “BB World.” However, with some simple steps, you can download Google Play Store for BlackBerry and gain access to a world of apps and games. By following the provided tutorial and installing the necessary files, you can unlock the capabilities of Play Store on your BlackBerry smartphone. Embrace the possibilities and enhance your BlackBerry experience with the Google Play Store.


Can you download Play Store on BlackBerry?

Yes, it is now possible to download Google Play Store on a BlackBerry device.

How to install Play Store for BlackBerry?

Follow the provided tutorial to download and install Play Store on your BlackBerry smartphone.

What features can you enjoy with Play Store on BlackBerry?

With Play Store, you can access millions of apps, receive update alerts, rate and review apps, and make direct purchases of apps, books, music, and movies.

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