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There are a few reasons why you might need to download Google Play Store, but thankfully you can do it for free whenever you apply.

Why would you need to download Google Play Store?

Nobody would ever need to manually download Google Play Store, but since we don’t live in a perfect world, occasionally circumstances arise that force a person to desire or need to conduct a free Google Play Store download.

Even while we assume that Google Play Store should come pre-installed on all Android devices, there are a variety of other reasons why someone would need to download it. Even though it’s a low-maintenance program that updates itself occasionally, some carriers, devices, or geographic areas are pushed to the back of the line for automatic updates. To avoid this, download Play Store yourself.

Device was rooted

The owner wishes to reinstall Google Play Store because the device was rooted and had system apps like Play Store removed.

Clone device

Because it wasn’t licensed by Google, the gadget is a clone and didn’t come with Play Store downloaded in the first place.

Issues with a new version of the Google Play Store

You wish to download an older version of the Play Store because the current version is giving you problems.

The latest version of the Google Play Store

You want to get the most recent Play Store for free before your device is set to get an automatic update.

How to download Google Play Store free

This process will feel a bit strange if you’ve never downloaded an app from the internet before, and by that, I mean from a source other than the Play Store. However, it’s not that difficult, and I’ll guide you through each and every step of the procedure.

Since every Android program has the.apk file extension, they are frequently referred to as APK files. We’re actually going to get a free Google Play Store APK file since we want to download Play Store, an Android app. You are just downloading the identical program that would typically be installed on an Android smartphone from a different location.

Before even downloading the Play Store APK file, you must first and foremost turn on “unknown sources” on your Android device. Allowing your smartphone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store is referred to as using “unknown sources.”

It is disabled by default for security reasons. Go to your device’s Security Settings, which are often found under the “General” option in the Settings menu, to turn it on. Check the box next to “unknown sources” by scrolling down until you find it.

Downloading the Google Play Store APK file

The remaining steps are quite similar to installing new software on your computer. In order to install an app, you basically find a download link for it (in this example, Google Play Store), click on it to start the download, open the file, and install it.

You may find a free download link for Google Play Store on this website that is 100 percent secure (there are some dubious websites out there that smuggle viruses into their APK files, so be careful while downloading). Make sure you’re using the Android smartphone or tablet you want to install Play Store on, touch the download link, then choose “Save” to begin downloading the free Play Store file to your device.

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