Download Google Play Store for Chromebook

Download Google Play Store for Chromebook

Welcome to our blog post on how to download Google Play Store for Chromebook! If you’re a Chromebook user looking to expand your app and game selection, you’re in the right place.

In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of downloading and installing the Google Play Store on your Chromebook, unlocking a world of possibilities and enhancing your Chromebook experience. Let’s dive in and discover how to access the wide range of apps and games available through the Play Store on your Chromebook.

Availability of Google Play Store for Chromebook

The Play Store is already available in Chrome OS, according to several comments. According to reports, it can be found in the Samsung Chromebook 3, Toshiba Chromebook 2 (2015), Acer Chromebook 14, and Acer Chromebook 15.

At this point, we also know that Google has pledged that the Play Store will eventually be available on at least one other device, and it is feasible that further devices may get support.

What about the bad news?

It all sounds wonderful, right? It’s not quite as straightforward as turning on your new Chromebook and going straight to the Play Store, though. It appears that you must utilize the Canary Chrome OS channel, and after that, a few minor skips will be required to ensure everything functions flawlessly.

Why does this matter?

The introduction of the Google operating system indicates that you will continue to utilize the older version. This channel may include all the features before they are made public, but there is a little issue: because the system does not receive frequent upgrades as you would with a beta or stable application, it may also be full of defects and software issues.

Google Play Store on non-touchscreen devices

Despite all the challenges, this is the first time that the Play Store is accessible on Chrome OS devices without touchscreens, which suggests that more Android applications should eventually be supported on Chromebooks and other devices.

It’s important to keep in mind that when Google originally introduced the Play Store for Chromebooks, it did so with the Asus Chromebook Flip, a convertible laptop with a touch screen. The following models were also touchscreen devices, demonstrating how quickly the business is developing new products.

How to activate Android apps on your Chromebook

You will only need to enter the Play Store, do a search for the apps you want, then select “download” to download them to your Chromebook. Simple as that!

You can see the download progress in the status bar. You may view its progress by clicking the top of the page. Along with any additional tools or apps you might already have on your Chromebook, the software will be installed.

You’re done now! We hope you appreciate being able to use a variety of Android apps on your Chromebook. Although the Play Store is still in beta right now, it is rather reasonable to assume that in the near future, a better version of this software will be available for Chromebooks so you can enjoy all the games, movies, music, and other content.

Running apps you downloaded from Google Play Store on Chromebook

When you choose to download an app from the Play Store, your Chromebook will behave as follows:

  • Three window widths can be used to render Android applications.
  • Along with the Chrome browser, which serves as the operating system’s brain, there are multitasking options available in a number of Android applications.
  • The Chrome OS notification center will include all of the notifications, and they will all function flawlessly.
  • In conclusion, you can now state that Chromebook users that are in a stable channel may access Google Play. However, the Play Store and support for Android apps are still regarded as in beta. According to appearances, Chrome OS is in good standing, so we may reasonably


Elevate your Chromebook experience with the Google Play Store. Download Google Play Store for Chromebook and access a world of Android apps, unlocking productivity and entertainment. Despite some initial challenges, Chromebooks are evolving with continuous improvements. Embrace the possibilities and take your device to new heights. The future of Chromebooks is brighter than ever.

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Q: Which Chromebook models have access to the Google Play Store?

Currently, the Google Play Store is available on select Chromebook models like Samsung Chromebook 3, Toshiba Chromebook 2 (2015), Acer Chromebook 14, and Acer Chromebook 15. More devices may receive support in the future.

Q: Can non-touchscreen Chromebooks access the Google Play Store?

Yes, non-touchscreen Chromebooks can now access the Google Play Store, expanding app support for Chromebooks and other devices.

Q: How do I activate Android apps on my Chromebook?

To activate Android apps on your Chromebook, simply open the Play Store, search for desired apps, and click “download” to install them. The progress can be tracked in the status bar. Enjoy a wide range of Android apps alongside existing tools and apps.

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