If you own an Android phone or tablet, you are aware that Google Play Store is among the most crucial applications. Google Play Store and Google Play Services are technically two separate apps. But the Play Store is the one that occasionally makes it difficult to obtain and install apps.

In other words, without the Play Store, how can you download apps? Additionally, how can you get Google Play Store if you don’t have a source from which to download apps?

Downloading Google Play Store

Thankfully, there are other ways to download apps on an Android smartphone than using the Play Store (if that were the case, and you didn’t have it installed, you’d be pretty much stuck). Applications are just program files for Android devices, quite similar to applications you would install on your PC but with a different file extension.

Similar to how program files on your PC end in.exe, those for your Android device end in.apk. Since they are commonly referred to as “APK files,” Anyway, you can locate these files online and download them directly to your smartphone without using the Play Store (although We only really advise doing this when installing the Google Play Store itself or in other exceptional cases. By obtaining the

How to download and install Google Play Store

In general, there are two ways to manually download Google Play Store: either straight to the Android device via the device’s built-in browser software, or to your computer first, then transferring it to your Android with a USB cord.

In both situations, you will have to make a little change to your device in order to enable the installation. Recall how we stated not to blindly download APK files from the Internet unless there is a valid cause (like installing Google Play Store).

Sometimes, dishonest individuals insert malware and other harmful content into APK files on the Internet (harmful content that the Play Store doesn’t let in, keeping your device safer). Therefore, the default option on your device is to prevent the installation of any applications.

Go to Security in the Settings menu on your Android device to verify that the installation was successful. When you reach the “Unknown sources” option, scroll down and choose it by checking the box. For security purposes, you can disable this option once you have finished installing the Google Play Store file; if you ever wish to install an APK file from the internet in the future, simply enable it once more.

Download Google Play Store on a smartphone or tablet

Make sure you’re viewing this post in the web browser on your phone or tablet, then press the Play Store APK download link provided in the post to instantly download Google Play Store to your device.

In a pop-up window, your device will likely ask you if you wish to open or save the file. The program file will begin downloading after you click “Save.”
Once finished, touch the notification to access the file (it will open in a new program called Android Package Installer). Simply click “Install” and provide the app the necessary rights, just as you would if you were installing from the Play Store.

Download Google Play Store on PC for USB transfer

The alternative is to download the identical content to your PC and then transfer it to your Android if your device doesn’t have an Internet or data connection. A USB cable is required for this. Save the file to your PC by clicking the Google Play Store download link on this page (make sure you pay attention to where the APK file is being saved so you can find it later).

Then, using a USB cord to connect your Android to your PC, copy the Play Store APK file to the device just like you would a paper to a thumb drive. Finding the APK file on most PCs will only need a few clicks of the mouse.

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